Culture paper machine

Culture paper machine

Culture paper machine

Main structure description:

Flow slurry tank

Open slurry box, square cone tube into slurry, plexiglass three step diffusor, double homogenizing roller.The upper lip plate can be adjusted up and down, and the vertical lip plate is arranged at the nozzle, which can adjust the lip opening completely and fine-tune the transverse lip opening.The front wall overflow device and the side of the square cone tube are provided with a pressure balance observation device.

Long net department

The long net part adopts the cantilever for net, and the frame, girder and cantilever are all covered with stainless steel plates.

The ministry of a cylinder

The cylinder part is composed of a vacuum press, a positive pressure, and a large cylinder with a roller.Adopt pneumatic pressure and lifting structure, the lower blanket is equipped with blanket suction box, high pressure mobile spray pipe washing device.The two upper blankets are equipped with a fixed water-spraying washing device and a water tray. All the blankets are pneumatically calibrated and electrically tensioned.

Second cylinder (equipped with paper rope device)

Eight-cylinder section (equipped with paper rope device)

Equip with 8 sets of dryers, equipped with pneumatic corrector and electric tensioner.Dryer drive by A - shaped frame closed gearbox drive.Four cylinders are equipped with gearboxes and four cylinders are driven by dry mesh.The operating side frame is a box-shaped frame made of steel plates. The drying cylinder is fully lubricated by rolling bearings and circularly lubricated by thin oil lubrication system.

Size press

Type: diagonal column type

Pressure mode: pneumatic pneumatic tire pressure

Steam hood

Open hood, steel frame, rust - proof aluminum plate.Top with insulation layer, adjustable air duct.

Mechanical transmission department

Adopt AC frequency conversion partial drive, 11 transmission points, each transmission point is equipped with high precision hard tooth surface reducer and universal joint joint.

Electric drive department

YVP series variable-speed AC three-phase asynchronous motor recognized by international company is selected.Adopt original imported AC frequency converter, with speed chain and load distribution function, strong reliability, full function, high precision, system precision is better than 0.02%.And all the motor power switch, interlocking control device in the paper machine.

Lubricating oil system

The bearings and gears of the drying cylinder bearing, the drying cylinder transmission box are provided with thin oil circulation lubrication point.Equip with organic glass integral pressing oil distributor, pipeline integral thin oil lubrication station.

Compressed air system

The paper machine is equipped with various air point corrugated air tire pressure, automatic corrector and other control box, from the cold cylinder to the calender blowing and leading paper.Excludes air sources and main circuits other than onboard interfaces.

The ministry of basic

Equipped with cast iron foundation plate, anchor bolts, etc.